Hot Blond Death

Unspoken is a brilliant atmospheric, gothic piece, but at no point does it take itself seriously.The dialogue, especially that of Kami, can be wonderfully witty and sarcastic whilst staying on just the right side of feeling forced… . Sarah Rees Brennan has managed to find a perfect balance between creepy and comedy.”


I try to get on here occasionally and recommend some good reads! These are books I enjoyed immensely and would thrust into the hands of unsuspecting bookstore buyers if I came across them.

In fact, these would be books I would buy for strangers if the occasion arose (much like I did with WHITE…

Nice recommendation for Unspoken here!



Unpsoken is book one in Sarah Rees Brennan’s new trilogy ‘The Lynburn Legacy’ and one of two new books she has out this year. Unspoken will be available for both the US and the UK (as far as I know but I could be wrong about the UK) in September. Miss Rees Brennan was kind enough to send me…

A lovely, lovely review. Some spoily details though so consider yourselves warned. ;)

"I was very surprised when I was granted an advanced reader copy of Unspoken from NetGalley. A huge smile broke out across my face and I started cheering. Loudly. Enough that it woke both of my sisters up. Sarah Rees Brennan’s books inspire loud reactions, whether they be happy laughing at the sarcastic humor or hysterically crying as she gleefully tortures her own characters….”

"It is a witty, exciting gothic mystery about a girl sleuth and the mysterious family that has always reigned over her town. I love that it actually is a mystery, with research, investigation and break-ins (which aren’t criminal because they are for truth!)."

"This was such a fun and easy read! It was super hilarious, and I made the mistake of reading it in public ~ I’m pretty sure that entire train car thinks I’m crazy now… ."

Unspoken doesn’t make its debut until September, which makes me sad in a way. I’m so anxious for this to be in the hands of readers everywhere! I normally wouldn’t put out a review this early, but I needed to share it with my readers NOW… .”